Sent you guys an email about a shipment and never got a response. Does soon mean this week or leisurely in a month? Kind of bs some people got theirs early and others not at all


You honestly think its bullshit that we can’t make every order arrive on the same day? 

The page you pre-ordered said this on it:  This release is a pre-order and will be shipping to arrive on or around July 29th. I don’t think there needs to be much more of an explanation, because at the top of the description it clearly warns you it might not be there on day 1, but alas, here’s a longer explanation. 

The only orders that haven’t shipped are the packages because they’re waiting on a small addition (didn’t know that before, I’ve been gone). This often can happen when manufacturing a bunch of different items sold together, so that is why we put that notice saying it might not show up on street date, but it’ll be as close as we can get. I see this with pretty much every label I order from. The download is obviously made available to everyone as soon as its available.

We got a few thousand orders for this 7”, we are a 7 person company. I’ve been in the hospital and totally out of commission for almost three weeks so we were down a person. On top of that, we were moving our whole company to a different office during this, an activity involving everyone in the office. Somehow everyone still managed to ship out 95% of these orders to arrive by street date. Not an exaggeration, there is 100 something orders left to be shipped. I think that’s pretty damn impressive. 

There is truly no way to ship that many orders and have them all arrive on the same day. I can’t imagine someone would even expect that to be possible. There are tons of different shipping options, tons of different places in the world, and of course its not possible for a company as small as ours to ship thousands of orders in one day. 

Regarding the email, the reasons above are why it’s been slow, I am sure, but either way you were emailing about a pre-order for a record that isn’t even out yet! Answering those emails just takes time away from actually sending the records out. 

Everyone who pre-ordered a package will be getting an email very soon apologizing for the holdup. Thanks. 


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The actual fuck??